Meet Brenna


Hello, I am Brenna.  Welcome.  I am a health coach, Yoga instructor, recipe developer, and a writer. Based in Seattle, Washington my work is inspired by nature, heritage, pleasure, and craft.  I have worked with individuals and communities, both near and far, to create a holistic sense of well-being for over 10 years. 


brenna kramer


Trained in the art of Vinyasa, I craft each class to flow in an intelligent manner.  You will learn how to move with style and integrity by focusing on breath, proper body alignment, and individual creativity.  As a guide, I provide space for my students to be curious, to be present, and to have grace for their bodies.  You will leave my class with tools and confidence to live slowly and in the present on and off the mat.


Growing up, food was the center of my family's life, once a meal finished, the plans and thoughts of another had already begun. I have contributed to several farm to fork nutrition education programs in Seattle that engaged in hands on experience through cooking and vegetable gardening.  I work with individuals to create a lasting, positive, relationship with food so they feel fed not just full.


Travel is a part of me, just as home is, just as my breath. Wandering reminds me of what I really am, a small part of a larger story.  This truth brings me freedom, and ultimately true rest.  You can see my past retreats here and you can take a look at a year journey of food and travel here, where I planted and cooked my way through several countries.

If you would like to work together, or share the ways that you find slowness and beauty, contact me. 


Brenna Kramer